10 tips to get the most out of your drum lessons


1) Be punctual Nothing is more important than being on time for lessons, usually your lessons are 30 mins to 45 mins long, so please do not waste precious time by being late. Time, in this case is money because you or your parents paid for lessons. 2)┬áPay attention I am your drum teacher and also your coach, besides sharing with you some of my experiences, I am also with you to guide you, encourage […]


What to wear to drum classes


For male students: Loose cotton top, (you should sweat in class!) Pants, slacks, bermudas, Flat soles shoes or sports shoes, avoid slippers or sandals unless you intend to play drums with your footwear off. Ear plugs Try to avoid accessories on your hands as they may hinder your drum playing in class. Spectacles if you are short-sighted. For female students: Same as above. Please do not wear miniskirts, dress or super short shorts to drum […]


When the student is ready, the teacher appear.


photo credit: Jiuck You can learn anything as long as you want to, a teacher can only teach when you are ready to learn. Drumming is a skill, and like any skill set, it requires learning to know and deliberate practice to master. Find a teacher who is truly passionate to share and teach, you are already one step ahead.


Free Rudiments Exercise 1


I just uploaded a new rudiments exercise. Remember to play the exercises slowly and in time, use a metronome whenever possible. Watch the stickings, repeat each exercise 4 – 8 times. Only gradually increase your speed when you feel comfortable and ready and that your strokes are even. Download Here.


Watch this video! See how your awesome cool drumsticks are made!


Take a factory tour around the most popular drumsticks manufacturer in the world – Vic Firth. See how your pair of drumsticks first starts off as wooden strips and how it become the ultimate pair of drumsticks that you hold in your hands. Enjoy!


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Learn Drums Here!

Dear Mummy and Daddy,

Interested in sending your child to learn from me? Please contact the following school that I am teaching in for rates and schedules. Thank you!

I apologise that I do not answer questions regarding rates and schedules as these schools has professionals to manage these tasks.

Asia Music School West Coast - 154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza, #01-61 S(127371) Tel: 6779 5065

Symphony Music School - 1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point, #04-03 S(738099) Tel: 6894 2345

Ideal starting age for your child

Please note that the ideal age for starting your child on my drum classes should be around 8 years old.

Signed up for for Drum Class already?

Do read this before you come for class...